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What? I’m the asshole. Just because I say what’s on everybody’s mind?


There is no life without love. None worth having, anyway.


Life’s too short to dance with fat chicks.


I love rubbers. Keeps me in the game.


There is no right or wrong, just the consequences of your actions.


Well, I like to think of myself as having a 12-inch cock, but it doesn’t make it so.


You know, it’s all well and good to talk about happy endings. But if a person can’t deliver, if he keeps screwing up, well, eventually, I guess you kind of just have to say “fuck you” or words to that effect.


Girls know at once whether they want to fuck, marry, or kill a guy. Which begs the question: how am I doing?


My vagina looks like downtown baghdad right now.


I find interesting to hear these people ranting and raving about saving the environment when they’ll probably blow like 10 000 pounds of fuel on their private jet planes getting down to Cabo this weekend. That’s right, babs. You heard me. Tell Oprah I said so. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, ladies.