Faced with a severe vaginal drought – men will be men, boys will do boys.

Make me an offer, I’ll counter the shit out of it. We will handle this like the proud, beautiful black men we are.

There’s a limit to how much someone can get fucked in the ass without getting paid for it!

I like me a big girl. Yeah, before marcy here, Most of my girlfriends were somewhat zaftig.

Last time we tried anal during the light of day… Not pretty, remember?

That’s where I come in. I’ll sell the shit out of it.

Big and getable – that’s the way i liked ’em.

Do I get any credit for all the assistants I didn’t fuck?

Your voice is a shotgun blast to all the pretentious fucks who pollute this once-great city of yours.

What I cannot do is resist the allure of a powerful woman.