At the end of the day, it’s all about her. It’s always been about her

You kicked my dick out of the house. You made my dick homeless. “Out of doors” is a place where penises don’t fare well – in the rain and the wind and all that… My homeless dick now must seek shelter from the storm where and whence it can.

“She’s my sister, my daughter, my sister… Oh, I’ll never figure it out without a cock in me!”

All you haters can go fellate yourselves. Always whining about L.A., and how New York is like a holy land. Well, go the fuck… Move back there.

Don’t you sometimes wish you had two cocks? I do.

Who puts a fuckin’ bush there?

Everybody’s a fucking comedian.

Friends don’t let friends bang each other’s soul mates.

And here I was, planning to run for prom queen.

Declaring Jihad on your pussy.