Yo, KFed, the little man in the boat? He’s up here, that’s where he is!

Father? Can I ask you something? Why is there a naked lady in your bedroom? There’s no hair on her vagina. Do you think she’s okay?

Maybe I should hide under your clit, he’d never find me there.

Must be my trick ear but I thought you said “blog”.

Now you’re giving me that look right now…look like I finger banged your cat.

I know that look. That’s the look that shrivels me testies.

I’m not wearing any pants but I would like to invite you two ladies to join me, to take your pants off, and come with me to the pants off restaurant.

Sweet baby Jesus…Hank is going to hell.

I’m fine, I’m disgusted with my life and myself but I’m not unhappy about that. How are you?

Twelve-year-old finds naked slut in dad’s bedroom. Are you still feeling cute?